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Blue Oak Mountain Technologies, Inc.

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Welcome to the Blue Oak Mountain Technologies Website.



You may use the following brief descriptions to help you find the topics that best suit your interest as you explore our site.


Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Life Technology

For over 43 years the founder of Blue Oak has been doing research, technology invention, and applying for patents in the fields of Artificial intelligence (AI), computational epistemology, and Artificial Life (AL). Now, one of our patents has issued, and we are hopeful another will follow in the next year or so. Our site includes descriptive information about our technology architecture inventions, white papers, as well as a free book you can either download or read on-line. The information in all of these documents explains the supporting ideas our technology is based on, the fundamental principles by which they operate, and the differences between our technologies and the state of the art.


Technical Communication Tools

Long-term success in any technology business depends on excellent technical communication tools, such as white papers, marketing presentations for technical products, performance based technical training courses, and accurate, effective financial reporting.

Wouldn't it be great to increase your profits simply by improving the performance of your staff?

We can help you do so by helping you re-train your staff with performance based communication tools that match your organization's business goals and objectives and the latest changes in your markets. We can help your staff reach best practice in every process they perform.

By helping your staff reach best practice in your core business processes, we can help you improve your organization's bottom line!


Consultation to Develop Training Courses

Training development is more than publishing technical information in white papers and on your website.

As performance specialists in training course development, we offer instructional design services to help you develop performance based training courses, including highly technical courses for customer support readiness training for your customer support engineers.

In conjunction with better technical communication tools, performance based training courses are a key means of helping your staff reach and maintain best practice in what they do. If you become a licensee for our technology architectures, these are some of the tools we can use to help enable your success.


Consulting in Mexico

In recent years, we have expanded our consulting business to Cozumel, Mexico and now have an office and several clients there. We offer consulting for both tourism and real estate investing through our Mexican partner corporation in Cozumel.


We look forward to doing business with you.


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Find out more about our consulting services and the artificial life simulation technology architectures we offer: RICX Technology™ and DLF Technology™.


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