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We can help you improve your organization's bottom line.

Technical Communication Tools

Long-term success in any technology business depends on excellent technical communication tools, such as white papers, marketing presentations for technical products, performance based technical training courses, and accurate, effective financial reporting. Success can mean increasing your awareness of some important business issues:

  • How do you know that your financial reporting is accurate and effective?
  • How do you know when your customers are satisfied with and able to use the technical information your staff provides? Are your business processes documented as well as your production processes? How do you measure the accuracy and effectiveness of your financial controls?
  • How does your staff find out how to perform essential tasks when one of your expert employees is unavailable to perform these tasks for you or to answer questions about how to do so? Have you flowcharted your key work processes? Do your financial controls work properly to mitigate risks?
  • How do you measure when a staff member's performance has reached the state of Best Practice for your organization's goals, objectives, required level of technical expertise, and financial reporting procedures?
  • Is your company is in compliance with changes to the law?

If you and your staff do not have ready answers to these and many more similar questions, chances are very good that some of your organization's profits are leaking away. For each question you and your staff cannot answer confidently, there is a knowledge gap in someone's mind, and for every knowledge gap there is a corresponding gap in job performance. Each job performance gap leaks away some of your organization's profits.

We can help you stop the profit leaks in your organization and help train your staff to improve their skills.

We offer consultation to help you improve your technical communication tools, including marketing communication and the documentation of your core business operations. We offer instructional design services to help you develop performance based training courses, including highly technical courses for customer support readiness training for engineers.

Technology Licenses

As another, separate aspect of our business, we offer licenses for two advanced, patent pending, software architectures that can make using computer networks and computers in general seem less technical, and much more like dealing with a person, rather than dealing with a machine. We hope these new technologies will help make computers and networks easier to use in the future.

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